Equipped with the latest in vehicle diagnostics equipment, we provide EVHC (Electronic Vehicle Health Checks) for all makes and model of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Dispensing with outdated and confusing tick boxes, our EVHC report offers a clear and simplistic layout that is easy to understand. Utilising graphical icons, the report highlights the several sections of the diagnostics process, detailing the checks made along with any faults found and the necessary repair work.

Dates for upcoming vehicle servicing, together with prices for any completed or future repair work are also included in the report. In addition to this, the EVHC report is stored electronically at our offices, and is forwarded onto an email address of your choice as standard. The signature of the technician carrying out the Electronic Vehicle Health Check is also included on the report for added peace of mind.

EVHC Benefits

  • Comprehensive vehicle health check for all makes of car
  • Reduces time spent on labour and subsequent repair cost
  • Simple and precise reporting clearly explains faults
  • Reports stored electronically and emailed to you
  • Printed technician signature on EVHC report
  • Future servicing dates and prices generated
  • Quick and accurate fault identification

After completing the diagnostic checks on your vehicle, the report generated will outline any faults that have been found before separating them into an order of importance. Anything requiring your immediate attention will be defined at the top of the report, with other issues that may arise in the near or distant future separated beneath the most critical repairs.

To organise an Electronic Vehicle Health Check for your car, simply call our technicians today and arrange a date and time at your nearest convenience.

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